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Hello everyone, thank you all for viewing my blog.

Just reached the first milestone of 100 views to my blog, next milestone to reach is 500 so hopefully in the near future this may happen.

Thank you again everyone for coming here, and i promise to keep posting.


Skeletron Prime in terraria is no more. Me and a mate just finally killed him and got the items needs to make the ultimate hamdrax which can destory anything.

If you need any help with anything related to terraria send me a message and I will be happy to help.


Hello again everyone, are you looking forward to the new windows 8 operating system and going to buy it as soon as it comes out? or are you dreading the new tablet style menus? I’ve not completely made up my mind yet as windows 8 doesn’t look that bad but would take a lot of getting use to from windows 7 that I am currently using as it is very different. What are your views? Share them with everyone here with a comment, we look forward to your opinion.

Have a look here at the wikipedia page about Windows 8.